Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Re-thinking my goals

Darn it. It was all going so well, and then…work happened. A rubbish week of night shifts followed by a couple of really, really tough weeks at work have utterly scuppered my training schedule, and on the couple of nights last week that I got home with enough time for a short run I was just too tired. Normally I'd make myself run anyway but in retrospect I'm pretty glad I went easy on myself last week as there's probably only so much a body can take!


So in the last three weeks I've only managed a 5.5, a 3 and a 6.5-miler, and the last time I ran was 10 days ago - not good. I headed out this evening without high hopes and I suppose I'm actually quite pleased to have managed a bit over 4.5 miles without my legs completely dying.

Obviously I need to re-evaluate my goals now. I was secretly hoping to complete the 10 miles of the (hilly) Great Edinburgh Run in under 1 hour 50, and I'm pretty sure that's not realistic anymore, so I need to re-think. 1:55 might be do-able - I think I need to see how this weekend's long run goes and take it from there. It's pretty frustrating to realise, four weeks out from the race, that I won't be able to meet my original goal but I'm really, really trying not to beat myself up about it. Exercise is supposed to be something I do for fun, as a distraction from work - it's supposed to help me deal with stress, not add to it! My perfectionism and 100% type A personality come in very useful most of the time, but at times like this I really need to learn to give myself a break.

There will be times in my life when things other than running and tennis have to take priority, and the last few weeks have been one of those times. I can either whinge about all the runs I haven't done, or I can re-focus on what I can do to get me to the start line in shape to run the best race I'm capable of. Whatever happens, it's my first 10-miler so it's going to be a PB!


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